Fish Out of Water

Musings and observations about life from an East Coast native now living on the Left Coast in the California State Capitol since 2004. This fish has made her home in Madison, WI (7 years); Portland, OR (2 years); Las Vegas, NV (7 months); Middlebury, VT (3 summers); Marne-la-Vallee, a small town east of Paris, France (6 months); Middletown, CT (3 years); and Marshfield, MA, the fish's coastal hometown 40 miles south of Boston (17 years).

Location: Sacramento, California, United States


Patio Updates!

Take a look at the photos under the "Home Improvement" link to the left to see more of the new modifications to our patio.

We got furniture! We got concrete! We got flowers! And mirrors! (and yes, we do have cushions, too, but we keep them inside so they don't get too dirty...)


ESPN Comes to Sacto!

Last night we went to the Triple A All-Star Game to see our "hometown" Pacific Coast League smother the International League 11-5, largely thanks to the first ever grand slam in a Triple A All-Star Game and to another big homer by our very own River Cat, Matt Watson. Great game. Great sport. Horrible hot weather.

In addition to the sell-out crowd, a very cool thing about the game is that it was broadcast on ESPN. Yep, Sacto makes the big time in cable sports TV! Not a bad accomplishment, especially for a minor league organization that almost wasn't...

We also attended the Celebrity Softball Game and Home Run Derby on Monday night. I've never been to any events like these before and had always thought of the Major League All-Star Game & festivities as rather boring, but the Raley Field events were unexpectedly amusing and fun. Especially when the "kid" (23-year-old Ian Kinsler) made the final round of the Derby extremely dramatic by coming from behind to almost overtake the eventual winner, Mitch Jones - Mitch put up 11 points in his at-bat and Ian hit 3 final homers with 7 outs (earning "bonus" points for each) to rack up 10 points before making his 8th and final out. Phew! Now there's a player to watch!

Great game! Great sport! Great city! Go River Cats!


Weekend @ Home!

This was the first weekend in a month that I've actually been home! So nice to spend some time getting chores done and enjoying the absolutely gorgeous weather (low 80s, sunny, clear, breezy) on Saturday. We finished almost everything on our to-do list:

1. Patio
-- rock relocation
-- oil wood fences (1 of 2 complete)
-- hang mirrors (1 of 2 complete)
-- fix bamboo over door (it got smashed a bit when the contractors poured the concrete)
-- re-hang mini lights

2. Windows
-- wash all reachable windows
-- brush/wash all reachable screens

3. Odo (car)
-- vacuum/wash (lots o' bugs from recent car trip)

4. Other House Items
-- explore crawl space (not much there...)
-- wash floors
-- standard cleaning

5. Non-House Fun Stuff!
-- workout @ gym
-- work day @ garden (E only)
-- 5-mile run (J only - Discovery Park route)
-- 2nd Saturday Art Walk (including dinner @ Crepeville - yum!!!)
-- River Cats Fan Fest in Old Sac
-- matinee of "War of the Worlds"
-- Farmer's Market (it's corn season!!!)
-- garden harvest
-- watch new episode of "The 4400" (we're addicts...)

Yep, all in all, a rather busy but extremely satisfying & productive weekend. And so wonderful to be home and spend some quality time with my love!!!


Wedding Weekend

So last year over the July 4th weekend, we viewed our condo, placed an offer, and were accepted. Quite a significant event!

This year, we shared in the celebration of a friend's (Bu) wedding in Camarillo, CA. We headed south on Friday morning and made great time 'til we hit nasty traffic just south of Valencia - the 50 miles we traveled on the 5 to get to the 605 at that point took 2 hours! But we did discover something new & cool: "Aqua Life," a new product from the makers of the Original Swedish Fish. Guess we'll have to return to that gas station in downtown Burbank to stock up on it if we can't find it anyplace else... We finally arrived in Seal Beach @ 6:30pm (10 hour drive) and had a lovely dinner with Br & J at Ports of Call on the waterfront.

Saturday morning, we went for a 5-mile run along Seal Beach, grabbed some coffee and breakfast with Br & J, and then headed to the Rose Cafe near Santa Monica to meet E's old USC college buddy, F, for lunch. After we finished, we took the scenic Highway 1 along the coast 'til we reached the 23, which cuts across the Santa Monica mountains to the 101. Lots of twists, turns, hills, and valleys - 14 miles seems awfully long when Odo (our car) is traveling slowly... We got to our hotel in Camarillo around 4:30pm, unloaded, then returned to the car to go to the pre-wedding BBQ in Newbury Park. Had some time to chat with the bride Je & the groom Bu along with Bu's brother Ba & his wife A (the only folks we knew @ the BBQ), played some ping-pong (I won!), and then returned to the hotel to meet up with Mom & Jay.

We slept in a bit on Sunday morning & then Mom, E, & I went to the nearby Factory Outlet Stores for some shopping (I was on a quest for some new shoes for the wedding). Grabbed some stuff for lunch back at the hotel where we saw Jay & Br, who had arrived that morning. E & I returned to the Factory Stores to make some purchases (purple sandals for me), and E visited the Ventura Harley Davidson that just happened to be about 1/10th of a mile from our hotel! By then, it was time to get ready for the wedding & head to the Spanish Hills Country Club for the outdoor Jewish-style ceremony (a bit odd, that, since Bu, Ba, Jay, & I were all acolytes at our Episcopal Church when we were younger, but Je's family is Jewish, so kind of neat to see the traditions). Beautiful weather, lovely ceremony, yummy food, fun dancing, and back to the hotel around midnight.

On Monday, I went for a run while E slept in. Then back to the Factory Stores for a return & some final purchases before heading to Ventura Beach with Mom. We found a 40-minute boat tour around the harbor, had great udon at a Japanese restaurant, and explored the Channel Islands Visitor's Center. Then back to the hotel to rest for a bit before getting some takeout dinner & watching the fireworks over the Camarillo airport (great view from the hotel lobby!).

Mom left @ 5:15am Tuesday morning, and E & I headed out around 9:15am. Great drive on the 5 with no traffic, and we could have been home in Sacto by 3:30pm but we decided to take a side trip to Cline to pick-up our current shipment. A very nice but not terribly able gentleman caused our brief stop to extend to a half hour, but we still made it home to Miss Muffin by 5:30pm. Unpacked, opened mail, and even headed to the gym for a swim and some v-ball to wrap up the long weekend.

All in all, a great handful of days, and now a short work week before we indulge in a JEMS weekend (i.e. total couple time with no outside commitment, appointments, etc.). Yippee!!!